The Fernwood Road Cafe logo includes ferns and quail positioned in a circle.

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Best Staff Ever!

We couldn't fit all of our staff in this picture because that would cause too much awesome.

Salt Spring Sneakers Running Group!

We feel grateful for the regular business of the Salt Spring Sneakers running group!

Happily at Work on Live Edge

Fernwood Road Cafe owner Shaun Luttin at work on the cafe's new live edge bar seating.

Les Bee-Lieve T-Shirts

We sell t-shirts now at the cafe. Don't they look great? (...and by they, obviously we refer to the incredibly attractive Kathryn, Heather, and Shaun.) Thank-you to Heather Pardon (aka That Daisy Chick) for the t-shirts and sign initiative.

The famous Anna McMillan from CTV!

Shaun and Anna at the Fernwood Road Cafe
Her reporting focuses on social welfare, particularly corrections, mental health and social services, and she can also Tour de Rock on a bike!


Blow-up t-rex costum with a baby blue t-shirt
Someone thinks we have the number one cafe (at least since the Maastrichtian age of the Upper Cretaceous period). We've also noticed fewer deer on the property recently. Why might that be?

Mural Design Version 7.2.3

These five panels make up the triangle.
Remember learning Pythagoras, Sine, Cosine, and Tangent in high school? Shaun and Kurt do. We worked on this panelled mural design, cut the shapes out of five-by-five baltic birch plywood, and then celebrated our knowledge of geometry. Yah! Move over Da Vinci.

Looks Like a Drip

A persons with a green jacket and a beard sits in a tent with arms crossed and a plate balanced on their head.
Did these two find a drip in our brand new tent ceiling? Nooooooo!

New Planter Boxes Circa March 2022

Four cedar planter boxes in a half circle around a plum tree.
In anticipation of the coming sunshine, we built these planter boxes for lettuce, tomato, and cucumber!

Flat White

Pardon the paronomasia, but look at the pride on my face after making a flat white to match my flat forehead.

A six ounce, black coffee cup that contains a shiney espresso-drink with a heart on it.
My friend tells me that I also have to write something here about the business card on my face.

How's Your Vibe?

This poster advertizes vibe assessment services.
You never know what kind of community initiatives will appear on our bulletin board.

Circa January 2022

Today we had a special visit at the cafe from our resident unicorn. I decided to walk the unicorn home. Unbeknownst to us, Banana Joe was on the Fernwood Dock, the unicorn caught his eye, and Joe decided to film us. The rest speaks for itself.

Recycling Station

We designed on customer bussing station based on Carleton University's award winning system. Click here to read more about Carleton's award winning system.

Five colour, five station sorting station for customers for liquids, food waste, refundables, plastic, and compost.

The Carleton Recycling Project won the CAUBO Award for Environmental Sustainability. So we decided to stand on the shoulders of their genius. It works. Customers sort with about 95% adherence. We sort the other 5% ourselves.

Circa Fall 2020

The infamous T-na the T-rex made an appearance at the Fernwood Road Cafe.

Dinosaur having coffee with a human at an outdoor table near the ocean.
She said it was the best coffee she has had since the Maastrichtian age of the Upper Cretaceous period (which was about 60 million years ago).


We take a safety-first approach. Despite the obvious downsides, we have enacted policies that prioritize safety over convenience and profit.

Dry, Warm-ish Outdoor Seating

We have installed canvas tents and shored them up against the winds with wood.
White 10x10 foot tent with cathedral windows.
Outdoor Tents to Keep Dry
We installed 240 volt electric infrared heaters. For many people, these are enough to take the edge off the cold of winter.
Silver body on a heater with an orange glow.
Dimplex Pro Outdoor Heaters to Keep Warm

Indoor Air Quality

We monitor air quality with a CO2 logger (by DOEATOOW) that we place in a high visibility location for staff and customers. This acts as a measure of air changes per hour (basically stuffiness). If CO2 levels rise above 700 parts per million, that cues staff to open windows for increased ventillation.
Digital screen about the size of a deck of cards with the number 698 on it.
CO2 Logger to Monitor Air Quality
Air Filtering
We clean virus from the air with two Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes. This removes virus from the air by using box fans to pull air through five MERV-13 filters.
A cube comprised of a box fan on top and four sqaure filters on the sides.
Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes for Air Filtering

Indoor Seating, Customer Flow, and Social Distancing

Red/Green Stoplight
A red/green stop light at the entrance limits indoor occupancy. Staff use a remote control to turn it green when the next customer may enter and red when occupancy has reaches its limit.
Black vertical rectangle with a red and a green light.
Red/Green Light to Limit Occupancy
Saloon Doors
Swinging saloon-style doors keep customers moving in the right direction. This prevents customers from circling back to the order area after ordering.
Swinging saloon-style door with 'exit' written on it.
Saloon Doors for One-Way Customer Flow
Seating Limit
Indoor seating has a limit of two tables with a maximum of three customers per table. This maintains social distancing among seated people while also maintaining distance around people who are picking up orders.
A 8 oz glass off coffee with a heart drawn in steam milk.
... and we also make delicious coffee!

Welcome to the Fernwood Road Cafe!

Normal Hours

Open 9 am - 4 pm (previous)

Open 9 am - 2 pm (temporarily)

Closed Wednesdays and January 2nd to 15th for annual holiday.

Open Closed
Mon 9 am 4 pm 2 pm
Tue 9 am 4 pm 2 pm
Wed Closed
Thu 9 am 4 pm 2 pm
Fri 9 am 4 pm 2 pm
Sat 9 am 4 pm 2 pm
Sun 9 am 4 pm 2 pm



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